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Roasted Green Chiles

During Hatch Season we make our run to Hatch New Mexico To Buy the Best Chilies Hatch has to offer as well as enjoy the wonderful Chile Fest. We then freeze our reserve and use them in our Breads, Soups and other fine foods. Once Hatch Season is Over we then Roast the Fresh Anaheim chilies. Although not as spicy as the Hatch. The Anaheim chilies are bursting with that southwest flavor. And great to roast and cook with.

Street Soups

Our Street Soups have been formulated just for "The Roasted Chile" In coordination with some of Tucson's Inspiring Chefs. We only use the finest ingredients, With fresh vegetables from our local farmers markets, Real Butters and creams to master that refreshing southwest taste. Our prize winning house soup is our Roast Green Chile and Corn Chowder Paired with one of our special soups like Posoles, Albondigas, Chowders, Served in our southwest Bread bowls or in our containers.


Roasted Poblanos with cheddar, mozzarella, red onions, and light bread crush, and seasonings.

Mexican Street Corn (Elotes)

Freash Roasted Corn coated with our roasted green chile and lime butter with a dash of our special signature seasonings, then sprinkled with Mexican Cotija cheese and Cilantro with wedge lime (additional seasonings also provided for your added creation. Corn dose not get any better than this.

Green Chile fudge with kahlua and vanilla

All in the name!

Hatch Green Chile Lemonade

Hatch Green chiles infused with a lovely lemonade to make an ultimate drink that's healthy, tasty, and a little spicy!

Green Chile Chocolate Chip Cookie

Without the use of any oil or margarine, we have come up with a very tasty snack or dessert of a chocolate chip cookie with roasted Anaheim chilies and cayenne pepper